Red threads stretched on the branches of

Red Thread Ceremonies

The legend of the Red Thread says that those who are destined to meet will and although the thread may tangle and stretch it will never break. 

I have always had a deep longing to belong and be truly seen. That gift was granted to me by the wise women on my thread over the years in my life who created spaces for me to show up and be vulnerable. The power of these encounters lead me to the whispers of my soul to call circles and create space for other women to be seen and to see others. The Red Thread reminds me that I have a Sacred Responsibility to continue to create spaces for women to come together. To create sacred circles that women can be safe and seen in. And to create ceremonies to celebrate the extraordinary moments on this beautiful journey. 


The power of these circles is created by the innate wisdom each woman holds. Each circle is a ceremony for the Goddess who claims her seat there. An honouring and recognition that each woman has extraordinary gifts to share and when women gather in circle these powers and these gifts are compassionately witnessed whatever needs to move will move. It is the power of the Truth and these circles are built on that tenet.

The power of ceremony brings us closer to our true selves and honours the many milestones we have in our lifetimes. As a facilitator of Red Thread Ceremonies, I will work with you to create the ceremony that celebrates these moments in time. There is no event too small to honour and give space to. From birth and death to divorce or entering Cronehood. When we take time to honour these moments we write the legends of our lives. 

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