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HIO-Standing Open

Apprenticeship Program


HIO: Standing Open Apprenticeship Program

Within each of us, there is a calling. A whisper of the soul-self to live out the deep passion and wisdom within. We believe that each woman arrives at the academy with their own deep wisdom already intact but often, it has been covered up and suffocated by the overculture. The Academy of the Sacred Red Thread has developed a program specifically for women to support their coming home. This program is designed to help you come home to your true self. To trust the voice that speaks to you in the quiet of the forest under the moonlight. The whisper of your sweet soul, always known the way for you. This is a journey to living an abundant life by accessing your own unique voice and developing a deep, unwavering trust for her. 


It is imperative that women stay visible. That is a choice. It is a choice to rise up and stand open. To take your beautiful broken heart that has shattered and mended again and again and again and continue to stand open in all ways. It is a choice to ungirdle your guts and reclaim your breath, with eyes wide open so you can hear the whisper of your soul and see the path for you. It is a choice to wake up and stand open and bear witness to your own unfolding. To honour and hold yourself in reverence of the force that you are. Because you are. And we need you. We need women to stay open, to reclaim their wisdom, and to stay visible. The time has come to take up space and lay bare your magnificence. 

Next Intake: 

January 2021 for September 2021 start 

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