This is a page for you to write your love letters to the universe. A collective prayer of truths or a simple need to be witnessed on your journey. There is no parameter for these letters other than that. You may share a love letter to yourself offering forgiveness. It may be a letter to someone offering them forgiveness. This may be a call to action for the collective. Follow your heart and share what is there.

Please fill out the form to submit your letter and it will be posted shortly. 

Love Letter to the Universe

Listen up. We will not utter this warning twice. We are not for having. These parts of us- essence and bones - are not yours for the taking. We will no longer hack ourselves up for your underground market; for your viewing pleasure. We are coming down into the rotting underbelly, medicine baskets in our arms, and we are taking back our pieces. This is a reclamation mission of our bones that you have picked clean, for we know a sister who can regenerate the flesh you stole. We are picking up our broken hearts - we have a magic spell to stitch them back together. Our virginity is coming with us - for we know sacred waters to rebirth our sexuality and reclaim our holiness. It was never yours to take. We will stagger around blindly with our sacred hands leading the way, to find our eyes. But make no mistake - we see you clearly, with or without them. We claim our lungs - our breath will no longer be girdled into extinction - for we know a sacred wind goddess who will fill us with the sound of our souls once again. You see, these parts belong to us and so we have come to gather what is rightfully ours. So step aside. or draw your sword and prepare for the battle of your life. We know a warrior woman who will remove your head and kick it into the fire. Our baskets are brimming with all the sacred pieces of us and now we journey into the darkness to cast spells and to be reborn again. And be prepared, we will rise as the giantesses we were born as. You should heed this warning. The roar you hear is not an illusion. We will not slow our pace. 

- j.

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