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Red Thread Women's Circle


Throughout history women have gathered in circle to share wisdom, to offer support, to be seen, and to see others. A sacred space for women to rediscover their divine strength and to build a truthful relationship with themselves and the sisters in their communities. This is a place for truth, reflection, unearthing, and connection.

Every woman is wise and has something to offer, we just need a safe space so we can feel into what that is for each of us. We need to be compassionately witnessed in our vulnerability so that we can step more fully into being ourselves.

The Red Thread Women's Gathering starting November 30, 2020, and will commence on the full moon of each month. A time of completion, the height of power, the recognition of your desires, and the peak of clarity. It is a time to celebrate your growth and to acknowledge the progress you have made. This will require a deep monthly commitment so that we can build a strong and trustworthy container, which is essential for this work.


The circle is now full and closed, if you are interested in hearing more and being added to the waitlist for the gathering please leave follow the link below. The circle is closed it will not open to new members for at least 6 months.

Studio Me - Okotoks, AB

6:30-9:30 pm

Suggested donation: $10

November 30 - Full Beaver Moon

December 29 - Full Cold Moon

January 28 - Full Wolf Moon

February 27 - Full Snow Moon

March 28 - Full Worm Moon

April 27 - Full Pink Moon

May 26 - Full Flower Moon






              8th Annual Winter Solstice Ceremony 

The winter solstice marks the darkest day of the year. A time to hold still in the heart of the darkness. This space offers a richness of the unknown, the deep, fertile parts of ourselves where our intuitive and creative forces lie. A time of alchemy as we sink deep into the bones of winter. Stripped down we will explore what is left to transform when all that remains is the deep stillness of the dark. What is left when we settle into the stillness and offer space to rewrite the story for the birth of the new light.​ 

We will partake in a gentle yoga practice, mantra, meditation and ceremony to welcome new intentions for the upcoming year. Our practice will be followed up with social time to enjoy some snacks and tea.

This event will be following social distancing protocol and will be limited capacity. 

Studio Me - Okotoks, AB

Monday, December 21, 2020

6:00 - 9:00 pm

$60 + GST

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